HOTMAN ® Systems

(HOTMAN ® Systems -Hemodynamic and Oxygen Transport Monitoring & Management Systems)

HOTMAN ® Systems assess and monitor a patient's complete hemodynamics and oxygen transport dynamics and also enable both the hemodynamic management (therapeutic correction of the system-identified hemodynamic causes of abnormal hemodynamics) and hemodynamic therapy modeling (prediction of hemodynamic changes to take place as a result of an on-screen application of cardioactive and vasoactive drugs).

HOTMAN ® Systems is based on non-invasive technology using Thoracic Electrical Bioimpedance which provide information continuously, in real time, about cardiodynamic data (blood flow & left-ventricular performance) and respiratory parameters.

Data acquisition is made by four sets of paired sensing electrodes placed on the neck and chest. HOTMAN ® Systems detect hemodynamic modulators for every heart beat and display it on every 16 beats.

In addition to complete hemodynamic monitoring, all HOTMAN ® Systems provide the hemodynamic management information, identifying the hemodynamic causes of abnormal hemodynamics (deviation in volume, inotropy and vasoactivity) and abnormal perfusion state (deviation in chronotropy) and the percentage deviation of a patient’s hemodynamic state from the ideal normohemodynamic state.

HOTMAN ® Systems offer helpful support for:

- cardiology

In hypertensive patients is a valuable tool for diagnostic and prognostic assessment to aid therapeutic decision making in order to improve BP control rates with a more efficient use of health care resources. (directly related to drug costs.)

In patients with chronic heart failure provide important therapeutic decision-making support and goal directed approach to therapy in minimum of time.


Optimisation of fluid management in patients with renal failure

-critical care units

Continuous monitoring and determination of cardiac output able the clinicians to detect trends and changes with different therapies. Proper treatment options with respect of time and resources.

HOTMAN ® Systems using bioimpedance cardiography has emerged as a unique and highly accurate non-invasive tool that is used to assess hemodynamic parameters. Measurement of the various hemodynamic components allows more complete characterization of the condition, a greater ability to identify those at highest risk, and allows more effectively targeted drug management.. Once the baseline hemodynamic status is known, an appropriate medical regimen can be designed based on the expected hemodynamic effects of various medications. Empiric selection of drug combinations based on their general hemodynamic actions as a class may not be successful in managing a specific patient, even if the baseline hemodynamic status is known.


Patient evaluation and management with HOTMAN ® Systems offer multiple benefits for all the parts involved:


-for medicine specialists is an invaluable tool for an accurate diagnosis

-for patients a custom-tailored therapy with a better quality of life

-for health care system immediate and long-term cost savings


Different software of HOTMAN ® Systems have been developed to enable hemodynamic assessment, monitoring and management of the entire patient populationspectrum.

HOTMAN ® N/P (Neonatal/Pediatric) System is used for neonatal and pediatric patients ( newborn to approximately 15 years of age).
HOTMAN ® BAS (Basic software) System is used for all adult men and postmenopausal women.
HOTMAN ® PRG (Pregnancy) is used for women in child bearing age (both for gravidas and nongravidas).

The software of all HOTMAN ® Systems has a Full Graphics Capability, providing a capability to display patient's data in four separate patient data screens:

a. rapid non-invasive hemodynamic assessment, plus continuousmonitoring complete hemodynamics (Monitoring Page)
b. hemodynamic and perfusion flow management(Hemodynamic Management Page)
c. modelinghemodynamic effects of cardioactive and vasoactive agents (Hemodynamic Management Modeling Page)
d. trending up to 6 parameters in time. (Digital Data Page)



- Preoperativehemodynamic assessment in a matter of minutes, especially the volemia
- Perioperative and postoperative monitoring and management of hemodynamics
- Continuousmonitoring of complete hemodynamics + real-time hemodynamic management in critical care
- Rapid assessment andmanagement of hypertension and heart failure
- Monitoring, management and maintenance of health in preventive cardiovascular care
- Establishing vectorial effects of cardio- and vasoactive drugs and/or drugs with a cardio- or vasoactive effects


Whereas some medical systems enable management of patients' data,

the HOTMAN ® Systems enable the management of patients